{8/10} Video Game Character Icons (Male Version)

➳ Chris Redfield


I wonder if Brazzers or something, would humor me if I emailed them requesting to film a scene of him walking around in either a STARS or BSAA uniform. Like…if they would, I would totally buy the uniform myself without even thinking twice about it.


Why am I such a sad being…and why don’t I care that I don’t care that I’m such a sad being?

I’m willing to begin a petition to start this. I’m not the only emotionally crippled Chris fan out there.


Pic by PWA

This is unrelated to Chris, however I wanted to share anyways. I’m in the midst of re-creating the paintings from one of my favorite puzzles in the RE franchise for my living room

i-heart-resident-evil asked: I believe that Jill was absent from RE6 as she was at home raising Chris' babies <3

Mmm not gonna argue, but I feel like if Chris did end up having any wife/children Piers would have mentioned it at the bar to motivate Chris out of his slum

allyzodia replied to your post: Outdated? Maybe. But with the rumors c…

The RE7 rumors are 100% false

No one said the rumors were true. Everything is up for discussion at this point.

Outdated? Maybe. But with the rumors circulating around about Resident Evil 7 I couldn’t help it.
What does everyone think so far? About the possible return of Wesker…who by the way, if you forgot, was killed off via rocket launcher to the face in a pool of lava…and the threat of Alice being included in the game series.
I don’t know what to expect from RE7, but I’m keeping my expectations at a bare minimum. As fun as RE6 was to play, the story was a bust for any and every long time fan of the series. So many missed opportunities.

I’m a crappy blog owner

I’m sorry

Anonymous asked: is there a instgram for this?

For this blog? No. I just have my own

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Resident Evil 5 - Chapter 2 / 6

How come whenever I try to look up pics of Chris Redfield…


All I get is photos of his dick or something weird like that…