10 Minutes Of Resident Evil HD Gameplay


Chris & his gun.

Resident Evil: Revelations ► Chris Redfield


 “Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero!” 

Just for a second, pretend that you’re Chris Redfield in the first Resident Evil. You have no idea that “Moonlight Sonata” will actually end up benefitting you. How mad and/or annoyed do you get that the person you’re working side by side with is insisting on practicing playing on a piano while you go out in the midst of a deadly virus outbreak?

Ada Wong game overs featuring Chris Redfield.




takes one to know one, buddy


REmake Free Content

Help Spread the contagion in Raccoon City !! We need 100% !

Infect the entire city and we’ll give away

Free Content for the Game !


So does this mean we’ll get skinny young Chris in his BSAA gear?

Okay… doesn’t anyone notice how how Chris Redfield has gotten??

He has gotten very how in recent games

resident evil 6 men + color palette generator

otaku-inthegold said: WOUAW THERES A BIG DIFFERENCE not….

The graphics in REmake were already amazing, especially for coming out in 2002. There wasn’t much to improve on anyways. It’s exciting for the game to be finally available in HD on multiple new age platforms. No need to try so hard to be a buzz kill.