That last post was an obvious joke. But can we all just take a second to appreciate Chris’s genuine concern for the safety and well being of Leon

I mean, their encounters were short and disappointing for all us longtime fans

But Capcom really needs to consider a more in depth partnership between them in the next game

Chris, Jill, Claire and Leon for Resident Evil 7. Campaign now.

Anonymous asked: Though this is impossible... Can we like agree on nominating Chris and Piers for the ice bucket challenge?

I’m sure if nominated Roger Craig Smith and maybe Adam Crossman would be willing to do it?



When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

Can you imagine?


redfieldandnivans said: Where you been, buddy? Those vids have been circulating for a while now. Haha

I don’t usually go browsing around for those kinds of videos. I was just browsing to see if there were any RE4 mod videos and the nude ones just came up in the sidebar haha

Guys. There is a video of a naked Chris mod riding the panda at the park.
In fact, there are videos of the entire RE6 game in nude form. These videos exist.

Oh the things you accidentally find on youtube when you can’t sleep.


Took some screenshots of Chris Redfield in RE4

I do enjoy this very much.


Hey - HB to Jill by xTh13teeNx

Anonymous asked: Why are there no Chris pairings on here?

Because this is a blog just for Chris…If I post one pairing I’d feel like I’d have to post/reblog other pairings and that just kind of alters the point of the blog I think.

Anonymous asked: I hate how Chris looks now. It doesn't even look like the same person from the original game. At least Leon still looks like Leon

I disagree. Leons image has remained for the most part the same. He did go from a red head to blond though…Chris at least has aged, and grown as a realistic person. Bear with me, here’s a real life example:

Hugh Jackman in his mid-20s had an average build and boyish face. Then Hugh Jackman more recently, in his early 40s, is naturally more rugged and bulky. Yeah, of course he works out to get some of his bulk, which we can and should assume Chris does as well. 

You can’t have a boyish face forever. And anyone can develop a larger body frame.